Sparkling Wines of the World

The most iconic sparkling wine in the world is undoubtedly Champagne, both due to it being the birthplace of the fermentation process that creates the bubbles in all sparkling wines, and also because of the age-ability of those exceptional varietals. But world class sparkling wines are being made on five continents, all with characteristics unique to their climate, soils and production methods. For example, Prosecco is most commonly made in a brut (dry) style, but its use of glera grapes and Charmat-Martinotti fermentation process make it sweeter. Meanwhile, US sparkling wines are largely made from Chardonnay and Pinot grapes in the méthode champenoise style, but unlike their French counterparts who use the same method, the warmer US climate means grapes ripen more quickly, yielding lighter and fruitier flavors in their bubbly.


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