Equipo Navazos La Bota de Oloroso ''Montilla'' #74

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  • Type: White
  • Producer: Equipo Navazos
  • Varietal: Sherry
  • Country: Spain
  • Region: Jerez
  • Size: F - 750 ml
  • Bin: D4485
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Equipo Navazos La Bota de Oloroso ''Montilla'' #74 is available to buy in increments of 1

"With this release number 74 we are revisiting the same solera in Montilla from where our release number 46 was sourced. Again Pérez Barquero, where Rafael Cordoba, co-owner of Pérez Barquero, has been controlling with exceptional care the vineyards and vintages for decades. He is a master in obtaining truly outstanding musts, both yema (first press) and color (second press). With these second press musts, locally called "vino de color", the expert winemaker Juan Márquez produces their Olorosos. Very fragrant and strongly bodied wines, wines that very noticeably show the rotundity of the pedro ximénez grape.

La Bota de Oloroso #74 "Montilla" comes from a selection of casks from the Solera Diógenes, located in third row at the Bodega El Puente. The main difference is that, this time, all the casks selected belong to the solera itself, while for the release number 46 we picked some vessels from younger criaderas as well. This fact, together with the elapsed time and with the fact that the withdrawals from these casks have been small, explain why this wine is almost five years older than its predecessor, La Bota de Oloroso nº 46. Its estimated average age is therefore close to 30 years.

Drink it in medium sized glasses (riesling or white wine type) in small doses and cool (about 12º/13ºC), in order to attenuate the intensity of its powerful structure. The complex fragrance of this Oloroso is powerful, which allows it to wholly boast its personality at the suggested service temperature." - Notes from the Producer