How and when will these orders ship?

All orders will ship within 24–48 hours via FedEx. Email notifications of shipments will be generated automatically and customers will be able to track their orders as usual. All subsequent orders will ship during the first week of the scheduled month(s). Keep in mind that shipping is free on these orders.

When will the customer’s card be billed?

The purchaser’s credit card will be billed immediately for the first case and again with each subsequent shipment.

How will the recipient know that this is a gift from the sender?

With the first shipment (which goes out in 24–48 hours), they can send a gift card. There is a space on the Membership Enrollment form for this to be written out. If they are ordering online, they can enter their gift message as usual.

How long does the Club Membership last?

It’s an ongoing club. If the customer is sending it as a gift and wants to limit the time, then you can write in the time limit on the Membership Enrollment form (e.g. “1-year membership”).