Svedka Vodka 80 pf (Sweden) 1.75 L

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  • Producer: Svedka
  • Size: HG - 1.75 L
  • Bin: B2623
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Svedka Vodka 80 pf (Sweden) 1.75 L is available to buy in increments of 1

The secret of Svedka's super smooth, clean taste lies in its centuries-old Swedish vodka-making tradition. Only high quality Swedish wheat is selected to create Svedka vodka. In fact, more than three pounds of wheat are used to produce each bottle. It is then purified in a five-column distillation, a careful process lasting over 40 hours. As a result, Svedka's unique distillation process delivers a vodka with a smoothness that is unparalleled.

1.75 LITER

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