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Lucas Carton, Rose

This Lucas Carton is an exquisite rosé Champagne that overflows with toasty aromas, ripe raspberry fruit and a crisp, delightful finish. It captures the romance of Paris.

In 2013 the world welcomes once again to the grand restaurant stage, Lucas Carton! We at Sherry-Lehmann celebrate the re-opening of this legendary Paris restaurant! Since 2005 when it closed its doors and became Senderens we have all missed this most remarkable place at 9 Place de la Madelaine—and we are reminded again how this terrific Champagne came into existence:

“In 1993, when I met my good friend Paul-Francois Vranken, I asked him to create a special cuvee of Champagne that I would be proud to serve to my guests. After a great amount of research, the magical M. Vranken created this Special Reserve Champagne Demoiselle for my restaurant. It is a very dry Champagne that imparts a buttery flavor on the palate and was created to be consumed with the cuisine of my beloved restaurant.” –Chef Alain Senderens


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Size: F - 750 ml
Bin: 0056
Varietal: Sparkling
Type: Rosé
Country: France
Region: Champagne
Winery: Lucas Carton