Riedel O Chardonnay/Viognier Wine Tumbler 2 Pack 414/5

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  • Size: A2- medium accessory
  • Bin: 9933
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"Does your dishwasher occasionally attack the stems of your wine glasses? Maximilian Riedel has beaten the machine at its own game and lopped off the stems, sleekly. Mr. Riedel, whose family's company has a glass for every grape, has a new line of rounded tumblers called O. ‘If you watch the way people drink wine, they usually hold the glass by the bowl, not the stem,' Mr. Riedel said. As for the warmth of one's hands on the wine, he said he felt it was not significant. ‘These glasses are not designed to replace stemware,' he added. 'They're just a convenient alternative.'" -Florence Fabricant, New York Times

  • Two Pack
  • Capacity: 11-1/4 oz.