Return Policy

Corked or otherwise flawed bottles are an unfortunate, albeit infrequent, reality of the wine industry.

Sherry-Lehmann stands behind our products and we are happy to issue a replacement or refund for any bad bottles you might receive WITHIN 90 DAYS of the date of purchase. Please note that before any action can be taken, however, any bottles suspected of flaws MUST BE RETURNED to Sherry-Lehmann for inspection and verification by a manager.

If you are unable to bring the bottle into the store, we can retrieve it from you at no additional charge.

Shipping Instructions:

Contact Sherry-Lehmann to schedule your pick-up. Recork your bottle in question as tightly as possible and place the bottle inside a box. Sherry-Lehmann will send FedEx directly to your home for pick-up the following day. You need only leave the box outside your door or with your doorman, and FedEx will bring the return shipping label. Customers in regular SL delivery zones may also utilize pick-up by Sherry-Lehmann truck.

Please contact us at (212) 838-7500, or by email at should you need to arrange a pick-up.