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In-Store Tasting with Ruinart Champagne plus Custom Engraving

Friday, Dec. 9, from 3-6pm

Have someone on your gift list who is monogrammed-obsessed? If you answered yes then today is the perfect day to drop by Sherry Lehmann as we are offering free custom engraving with purchase of Ruinart’s collectible 4 bottle gifting box!

This stylish 4 bottle presentation box makes the ultimate, impressive gift for the Champagne lover in your life. Mix and match any 4 bottles of Ruinart Champagne and we will have the box personally engraved to your specification.

The first champagne House, Ruinart is the symbol of a savoir-faire and an “art de vivre” that are famed all over the world. Each of its cuvées bears the distinctive signature of chardonnay, the House’s emblematic grape variety.

If you don’t know the Champagnes of Ruinart, then you won’t want to miss this spectacular tasting…you’ll surely have a new favorite Champagne.

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs NV $74.95
Ruinart Brut Rose NV $79.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Billecart Salmon

Saturday, Dec. 10th, from 2-4pm

Out and about holiday shopping? Take a break and tingle your palate with the fine champagnes of Billecart Salmon. Founded in 1818, these champagnes are a perennial staff favorite.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose NV $89.95
Billecart-Salmon (RED) Reserve Brut NV $47.95


In-Store Tasting with Domaine Chandon

Monday, Dec. 12th, from 3-6pm

Do you have a fashionista who loves Champagne on your gift list? If so, we have the perfect gift solution!

Created by fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, our Merry Whatever bottle is fashionably bold black. These festive bottles are filled with Chandon Brut Classic and sparkle with Minkoff’s signature gold stud pattern.

A true California sparkling wine pioneer, Chandon was founded in 1973 by Moet & Chandon. Every bottle of this sparkling wine expresses their French heritage and innovative American spirit.

Domaine Chandon Brut Classic ’’Minkoff’’ Limited Edition NV $17.95


In-Store Tasting with Moet & Chandon

Tuesday, Dec. 13, from 3-6pm

Moet & Chandon drops by Sherry Lehmann to show their delicious offerings from the 2008 vintage. If you’re only familiar with their signature cuvee, Moet Imperial, its time to check out these vintage stunners!

This is a brand with an exceptional savoir-faire, yet it is always innovatively forward-thinking. From innovating successful new trends in bottling to creating new methods of celebration, Moet & Chandon continues to pursue new ways to share the magic of Champagne with the world.

Moet & Chandon ‘Grand Vintage’ 2008 $74.95
Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Rose 2008 F $89.95


In-Store Tasting with Veuve Clicquot

Wednesday, Dec. 14th, from 3-6pm

For 250 years, Veuve Clicquot champagnes have been enhancing the finest receptions, because they represent a chic and audacious “art de vivre” that the House has been cultivating since its creation.

At the age of just 27, Barbe Clicquot took over as the head of the family business following the untimely death of her husband François Clicquot, the son of the founder. She thus became one of the first business women of modern times. Tirelessly conquering new markets and innovating, she made her name a label of excellence recognized the world over.

Drop by for a taste of the champagne named in Madame Clicquot’s honor!

La Grande Dame (Veuve Clicquot) Stina Persson Limited Edition 2006 $159.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Krug

Thursday, Dec. 15th, from 3-6pm

The iconic Champagne House Krug is at Sherry Lehmann to highlight their Prestige Champagne! Its almost the weekend so hurry in and enjoy a taste of Krug Grande Cuvee.

The story of the House of Krug illustrates the amazing adventure of its founder, Joseph Krug, a visionary non-conformist with an uncompromising philosophy. Having understood that the true essence of Champagne is pleasure itself, his dream was to be able to offer the very best Champagne he could create every single year, regardless of the harvest and annual variations in climate.

Krug Grande Cuvée is honed over hundreds of tastings of the newly harvested wines from Krug’s 250 vineyards, as well as almost 150 reserve wines, some of which may be over 15 years old. This unique repertoire of reserve wines is the secret behind Krug blends, and goes into the creation of the most complex and generous expression of Krug Champagne.

Krug Grande Cuvee NV $169.95


In-Store Tasting with Dom Perignon

Friday, Dec. 16, from 3-6pm

“Come quickly, I’m drinking the stars!”

Dom Perignon poetically exclaimed in 1693, upon his first sip of what we now know as champagne. Three centuries later, Dom Perignon perpetuates this exceptional artisan’s vision and work, and he is now considered to be the spiritual father of Champagne. Dom Perignon vintages are produced using the best grapes on the estate. Each one is a unique creation with a style and an identity which are unique to its vintage.

Michael Reidel is a German contemporary artist known for his work with text and objects using existing materials. For Dom Perignon, Reidel created a pattern using the letters D & P, assembled and piled upon themselves hundreds of times to create a unique image. The pattern represents an aggregation of layers, illustrating the years of maturation and the complexity of the wine. A perfect gift for the art-lover in your life!

Dom Perignon Limited Edition by Michael Riedel 2006 $169.95


In-Store Tasting with Veuve Clicquot

Saturday, Dec. 17th, from 2-4pm

The countdown to gift-giving is on! Make your way over to Sherry Lehmann for a taste of everyone’s favorite Champagne!

For 250 years, Veuve Clicquot champagnes have been enhancing the finest receptions, because they represent a chic and audacious “art de vivre” that the House has been cultivating since its creation in 1772.

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label NV $49.95
Veuve Clicquot Rose NV $57.95
Veuve Clicquot Vintage 2008 $87.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

Sunday, Dec. 18th, from 2-4pm

If you’re out and about trying to finish your holiday shopping, there’s nothing better than Champagne to keep you going!

These must-have Champagnes make the perfect gift and are ideal for those impromptu moments throughout the holidays.

Drop by to discover this range of Champagnes suited to every palate and every occasion.

Nicolas Feuillatte Brut NV $29.95
Nicolas Feuillatte Rose Brut NV $46.95
Nicolas Feuillatte Blanc de Blancs 2005 $56.95
Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d’Or 2002 $139.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Lanson

Monday, Dec. 19th, from 3-6pm

Make your Monday sparkle with the delicious offerings from Champagne Lanson!

The freshness and energy that are key to the Lanson style are closely linked to the House’s historic commitment to using a traditional wine-making method, without malolactic fermentation. Lanson emphasises the fruit and the richness of aromas in a search for purity in its wines.

Non-vintage cuvees are composed of reserve wines and more than 10 different years of harvests, and are left to age in the Cellar for at least three years.

Lanson Black Label NV $38.95
Lanson Rose Pink Label $49.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Louis Roederer

Tuesday, Dec. 20th, from 3-6pm

One of the last, great independent and family-run Champagne houses checks in at Sherry Lehmann to highlight their amazing cuvees.

When he inherited the Champagne House in 1833, the aesthete and entrepreneur Louis Roederer took a visionary approach to enriching his vines, aiming to master every stage of the wine’s creation. He forged the wine’s unique style, character, and taste. In the mid-nineteenth century, Louis Roederer acquired some of Champagne’s grand cru vineyards—an approach that contrasted sharply with contemporary practices. While other Houses bought their grapes, Louis Roederer nurtured his vineyards, familiarized himself with the specific characteristics of each parcel, and methodically acquired the finest land.

Louis Roederer Brut ‘Premier’ NV $49.95
Louis Roederer Rose 2010 $71.95
Louis Roederer Brut Nature ‘’Phillipe Starck Design’’ 2009 $84.95
Louis Roederer Cristal 2007 $229.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Henriot

Wednesday, Dec. 21, from 3-6pm

Founded in 1808, Champagne Henriot is one of those rare, independent Champagne maisons that has been owned and managed by an unbroken line of the same family since its inception. Faithful to a tradition established for more than eight generations, the family works relentlessly to achieve one sole ambition – to maintain the Maison’s prestigious name.

Selecting only the best crus, expressing the purity of Chardonnay and giving each cuvée the necessary time to express its true potential are the foundations on which Henriot champagnes’ reputation of refinement, elegance and complexity are based; the ‘Henriot style’ is unique.

Henriot Souverain Brut NV $41.95
Henriot Blanc de Blancs NV $54.95
Henriot Rose NV $59.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Piper-Heidsieck

Wednesday, Dec. 22nd, from 3-6pm

Is there a better way to get through the work week than with Champagne? Of course not! So come on over to Sherry Lehmann to connect with the Champagnes of Piper-Heidsieck!

It all began with Florens-Louis Heidsieck. Born in Westphalia in 1749, this son of a Protestant minister started out as a draper in Reims where he fell in love with a girl from Champagne… and with the wine from Champagne. He was a self-educated man, overcome with the incredible ambition “to make a cuvée worthy of a queen”. In 1785 he founded the Cloth and Wine Trading Company Heidsieck & Co. He straightaway made his name with a distinctive champagne, whose reputation quickly spread beyond the local region and won favour at court.

Come and taste the Champagnes that are worthy of a queen!

Piper-Heidsieck Brut NV $42.95
Piper-Heidsieck Rose Sauvage $59.95
Piper Heidsieck Piper Rare 2002 $189.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Perrier-Jouet

Friday, Dec. 23rd, from 3-6pm

We’re in the home stretch before Christmas and the first day of Hannukah so if you’re still looking for last-minute gifts, we can think of nothing better than the gift of bubbles.

If you can’t resist beautiful packaging, then we have the Champagne for you! A swirl of Japanese anemones engraved on a bottle in 1902 marked the first association between Perrier-Jouet and Art Nouveau. The story continues to unfurl to this day infusing poetry and beauty into daily life.

Each cuvee is minutely crafted, like silk lace, unveiling the floral, stylish and diamond-cut style of the House.

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut NV $43.95
Perrier-Jouet ‘Blason’ Rose $69.95
Perrier-Jouet Fleur Cuvee Belle Epoque 2007 $159.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Lucas Carton

Friday, Dec. 24th, from 2-4pm

If you’re hustling and bustling to pick up those last-minute gifts, be sure to drop by Sherry Lehmann for a taste of Champagne! Sherry Lehmann will close at 5pm today, so be sure to take care of all your holiday needs before we close!

In 2013 the world welcomed Lucas Carton back to the grand restaurant stage! Since 2005 when it closed its doors and became Senderens we have all missed this most remarkable place at 9 Place de la Madelaine. Lucas Carton Champagne is a rare example of unbeatable value and top quality. A Champagne for any and all occasions.

Lucas Carton Rose $34.95
Lucas Carton ‘Reserve Speciale’ Brut Demoiselle NV $29.95


In-Store Tasting with Zardetto Prosecco

Tuesday, Dec. 27th, from 3-6pm

Zardetto Prosecco stops by Sherry Lehmann to add a little sparkle to our Tuesday.

Located in the heart of the famous Prosecco territory between Conegliano and Valdobiadene, Zardetto has been a leader in sparkling wine for more than 40 years. This vibrant and refreshing off-dry Prosecco is produced from carefully selected grapes grown on the finest hilltop vineyards, after which Zardetto’s state-of-the-art winery blends modern techniques and traditional practices that result in an acclaimed brut.

Zardetto Conegliano Prosecco Extra Dry NV $11.95
Zardetto Conegliano Prosecco Brut NV $12.95
Zardetto Rose $14.95
Zardetto Conegliano Zeta ’’Z’’ Prosecco 2015 $19.95
Zardetto Conegliano Tre Venti Brut 2015 $24.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Charles Heidsieck

Wednesday, Dec. 28th, from 3-6pm

With Christmas and Hanukkah behind us, its time to start thinking about the New Year! And what is New Year’s Eve without Champagne?

The house of Charles Heidsieck has a unique history with the United States….in 1852, the man himself was the first Champagne merchant to come to the United States. Since then our love affair with these Champagnes has continued…come and hear the story while you sip away!

Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve NV $58.95
Charles Heidsieck Rose Brut Reserve NV $74.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Taittinger

Thursday, Dec. 29th, from 3-6pm

We adore the stylish Champagnes of Taittinger – if you’re looking for the right Champagne to ring in the New Year, then look no further!

Drop by for a taste of these cuvees

Taittinger ‘Cuvee Prestige’ Rose NV $57.95
Taittinger Brut ‘La Francaise’ NV F $46.95


In-Store Tasting with Champagne Lanson featuring Alain Ducasse Cuvee

Friday, Dec. 30th, from 3-6pm

Friday is finally here and its almost the New Year. Let’s get the weekend started the right way…with bubbles of course!

Alain Ducasse is one of the most famous Chefs in the world and a self-declared Champagne lover. Sherry Lehmann is proud to carry this private label Champagne created just for his restaurants. The Ducasse Champagne, a medium-bodied, fairly rich wine, is made by the Champagne house Lanson Champagne. This is affordable as it gets for Champagne! A must-try!

Champagne Alain Ducasse (Lanson) ‘’Cuvee Alain Ducasse’’ Brut $34.95


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