Brennivin Aquavit (Iceland) Liter

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  • Producer: Brennivin
  • Size: L - 1 Liter
  • Bin: C8314
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Brennivín (Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈprɛnːɪvin]) is a clear, unsweetened schnapps that is considered to be Iceland's signature distilled beverage. It is a popular Icelandic liquor and special-occasion alcohol shot, and the traditional drink for the mid-winter feast of Þorrablót. It is made from fermented grain or potato mash and flavoured with caraway, and for this reason can be considered an aquavit.[1] The steeping of herbs in alcohol to create schnapps is a long-held folk tradition in Scandinavian countries. Brennivín has a taste similar to vodka or Scandinavian akvavit. It is typically bottled at 37.5 or 40% ABV (75 or 80 proof). Popularly known s "Black Death"

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