Barbancourt Pango Rhum (Haiti)

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  • Producer: Barbancourt
  • Size: F - 750 ml
  • Bin: D7189
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Yes, this is fruit and spice infused rum, but unlike most of the category the aromas are unbelievably fresh and preserved inside of Barbancourt’s delicious agricole spirit. The pineapple and mango flavors taste as vibrant as a Haitian produce stand..April/2016 The latest addition to the Rhum Barbancourt product range. Pango Rhum is made from pure sugar cane juice (not molasses like most rums) and aged in oak casks. The aged dark rum is then hand blended with natural mango and pineapple. The result, a refreshingly smooth rum bursting with flavor. It can be consumed on the rocks but it shows all its form in your favorite cocktails and mixes.